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Degree Audit

What is Degree Audit?

GPS Degree Audit is an interactive academic planning tool that allows students and their advisors to track progress toward their degree(s). A student’s default audit displays all degree requirements necessary for completion of their program, while a “what if” audit can be generated to simulate the requirements for other programs the student may be interested in pursuing.

Why is Degree Audit important?

Degree certification will be based off the results of a student’s degree audit. All requirements must be met before a student’s degree can be conferred.

What should students and advisors do to ensure the accuracy of the Degree Audit?

Students should check their degree audit regularly (at least once each semester) to make sure they are making the necessary progress towards their degree. Students are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their own degree audits. If you see something that doesn’t look right, contact your advisor.

Advisors are responsible for ensuring that any necessary exceptions or substitutions are entered into a student’s degree audit in a timely manner.